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New Childcare Provision

Message from Wrexham Council -

"Wrexham County Borough Council has been working closely with Ruabon Community Council to develop a new childcare accommodation block on the playing field between Maes y Llan and St Mary's Primary schools in Ruabon as part of the Childcare Offer for Wales Capital Building Programme. WCBC and RCC were aware that access would be a challenge as the site is not on a road, only a footpath. However there were a number of possible access routes to the site which we have been investigating. Unfortunately we have now received final confirmation that none of those access routes would allow a fire engine in the case of an emergency to access the site. As a result, this has made the site unviable.

WCBC remains committed to developing accommodation for childcare in the Ruabon area, and is actively seeking other sites for the new childcare buildings. As soon as further information becomes available, this will be shared with the key stakeholders."

Ruabon Community Council believes that the children of Ruabon should aspire to be the bright future of the community and they should have access to a high quality start to education.

To improve the current child care provision in the village, there are plans to provide a state-of-the-art building, dedicated to child care, on the Rec in the heart of the village.

Picture of location of proposed child care building

Picture of location of proposed child care building

Ruabon Community Council plans to consult with the community about this exciting new provision.


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