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Disabled Peoples Employment Champion

Disabled Peoples Employment Champion

Accessible job advert for Disabled People's Employment Champions vacancies


This document intends to act as an accessible version of the two job adverts for the Disabled People's Employment Champion vacancies that are open for applications until 16:00 on 12th April 2023. This document aims to combine both job adverts into one accessible format. These job adverts have been published on the Welsh Government online recruitment system 'Appoint', and links to each job advert have been provided below. There are five Disabled People's Employment Champion posts available and there are two adverts running concurrently which cover these five posts. These job adverts are identical except for the specified Welsh language requirements, and this information is reflected within this document. One post requires Welsh language skills on commencement to fulfil the work satisfactorily and applicants can apply for this post separately, via the Welsh-essential job advert link below. The Welsh language skills required for this post are detailed below and a person without these necessary language skill levels will not be considered for this post. Welsh language skills are desirable but not essential for the remaining four posts. These posts can be applied for via the second job advert link below. Candidates are encouraged to apply through both job adverts where they have the required Welsh language ability. For candidates eligible to 2 apply for both adverts, there will only be one interview if successful at sift stage.

Posted: Sat, 25 Mar 2023 02:19 by Clerk/RFO

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