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Precept Frozen at Same Level as Last Year

Precept Frozen at Same Level as Last Year

At the December meeting of the Council, the Council voted to freeze the precept at the same level as the previous year, at £85,000.

- The Council approved the annual Community element of the Council Tax Base per property at £47.41p for a Band D, which is an increase of 11p per annum when compared with 2021/22.
- The Council approved the £85,000 precept submission to WCBC.
- The Council set and approved the 2022/23 balanced budget of annual income and expenditure at £135,000.

The Council generates income over and above the precept; from the Cemetery, the hiring of the Village Hall and from grants.

Posted: Thu, 10 Mar 2022 15:56 by Helen Belton

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