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Cllr Supriya Kapas

Cllr Supriya Kapas


Dr Supriya Kapas was elected to the Community Council in 2022.

Supriya is from Ruabon and went to study and work in a number of teaching hospitals in London for 20 years before returning. Supriya is always eager to learn new things; she has undertaken management and basic legal training and, in the past, has volunteered for the Citizen's Advice Bureau. She works as a healthcare professional and consults on a number of healthcare issues for external bodies ranging from legal, ethics, education to disciplinary matters.

In 2013 Supriya decided that she would like to be more involved in the village; it wasn't about wanting to change things but wanting to improve them. Supriya was co-opted onto the Council and has since regularly attended Council and Finance meetings as well as police meetings organised by the Wrexham Rural Neighbourhood Policing Team.

In 2015 Supriya became Chair of the Council for a term of 2 years and was elected Chair again in 2019. She is not aligned with any political party. Her ambition is to ensure that Ruabon remains a lovely place in which to live and bring up a family. She is a member of the Council for the north ward of the community and of the Finance, HR and Village Hall Complex Management Committees of the Council as well as the Projects group.

Supriya is a member of the following groups/committees:

Finance Committee

Village Hall Management Group

HR Committee

Project Group

Planning Committee

Business Plan Group

Supriya is also the Community Council Governor for St. Mary's School, Ruabon.

07805670157 (Clerk's mobile)

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