Serving the people of Ruabon

Cllr Scott Kyle

My move to the village was gradual, it started in late 2012, a pair of socks at a time before I fully moved in with my partner (now wife) in early 2013, living in Vicarage Fields initially before buying our house in the heart of the village. My wife's family have deep roots in the village with her "Taidoo" at one point being the Mayor of Wrexham, and that family and the village as a whole welcomed me and after 20 years of living elsewhere, Ruabon very quickly became Home.

We all want the best for the place we call home and for the people that share that home with, on the wider scope of the village but also for those closest to us. I am always looking for ideas to improve our village for all its residents, but as a father of two young daughters (born in 2015 and 2019) the facilities available for the youth of our village and how we can make those better for future generations is of great interest to me. A younger generation with a village they can be proud of, will become adults who want to keep that going.

As a Councillor I look forward to not only bringing NEW ideas to the table, but also getting behind any GOOD ideas that might need a bit of a push.

Last updated: Fri, 11 Feb 2022 11:40